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Summit Photo Album

We have collected some photos from the Parks Summit for you to enjoy and share. Below is a sneak peek collage, click the button to see the full Google Photo Album. You can also share your photos... Read More

Canadian Parks Summit: Video Booth

The following playlists highlight videos that were shared with summit participants at the Parks For All Canadian Parks Summit. If you are looking for some inspiration, impactful presentation material... Read More

Summit Recap Day 2: Connect and Conserve

Day Two of the parks conference saw delegates roll up their sleeves as they tackled the broader topics of connection and conservation, breaking into a series of smaller working groups to discuss... Read More

Parks Summit Day 1: The purpose and the process

"Our parks have been a part of who we are - Our history, identity and pride" The first large-scale parks conference in Canada kicked off in Canmore Alberta on April 11, 2016, bringing together parks... Read More

Dr. Mike Evans' Advice for Promoting Physical Activity

Dr. Mike Evans was the keynote speaker for the final session of the Summit – you remember his 23½ Hours or Make your Day Harder videos, among many others. He talked about innovation in health care... Read More

Call to Action Round Up

Is today the day we recommit ourselves to the purpose, the passion, against all odds? Delegates were asked the following question throughout the Global Summit: “How will you use the knowledge... Read More

How considering parental, peer, and self-perception can combat obesity

On the last morning of the Global Summit, research presentations turned to questions of how parental, peer, and even self-perception can play a role in encouraging physical activity and preventing... Read More

Drawing the Line Between Acceptable and Unacceptable Risks for Active Play

An excellent session at the Global Summit on Physical Activity of Children. Dr. Ian Janssen pointed out that if we keep our kids inside “out of danger” they are not going to be sufficiently active... Read More

Moving from inaction to IN Action a look at designing natural environments

Rob Voigt and Adam Bienenstock shared some great insight on natural environmental design for kids, and kids at heart in their presentation Moving from inaction to IN Action.  Highlights from... Read More

Let’s Move: Moving a Nation Towards a Healthier Future - An American Approach

Shellie Pfohl, of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition, addressed the summit to share some of the ways the US is working to ensure communities are providing youth the... Read More

Global insights for "improving the grade" - Panel Roundup

American researcher, Dr. Robert Malina, chaired a panel discussion with five international experts who helped coordinate their respective report cards in Columbia, Scotland, Kenya, the United States... Read More

Increasing Physical Activity Not Just at School

The session on Increasing Physical Activity in the School Environment- APPLE Schools, at the Global Summit on Physical Activity of Children focused on increasing PA and healthy eating in schools - an... Read More

Increasing Physical Activity in the School Environment- APPLE Schools

This session at the Global Summit on Physical Activity of Children focused on increasing PA and healthy eating in schools - an Alberta project , using the WHO Comprehensive School Health approach.... Read More

Is Canada in the Running? The 2014 Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth

On Day One of the Global Summit on the Physical Activity of Children, Active Healthy Kids Canada released the 10th edition of its Report Card on the Physical Activity of Children... Read More

Playspaces for Vulnerable Children and Youth in Canada

Thanks to Parachute Canada for this post.Injury is the leading cause of death among children and youth in Canada, and playgrounds and other play spaces are among the areas where injuries to... Read More

Is this really progress? Canadians less able to protect that part of their lives they most value

In October 2011, the Canadian Index of Wellbeing (CIW), for the first time, was able to compile all 64 indicators within all eight domains into a composite index to provide a snapshot of how our... Read More

Simon Says ... keep the art of play alive: ParticipACTION launches national campaign to Bring Back Play

A recent survey commissioned by ParticipACTION found that more than half of Canadian parents (50.4 per cent) of school-aged children played outdoor active games, such as hide and seek and tag, every... Read More

The Benefits Hub - Evidence of the Value of YOUR Work

I continue to be surpised by the people I meet who don't know about the Benefits Hub ( This is the online version of the Benefits Catalogue, which has been around since 1992 -... Read More

Trendwatching - a new trend?

One of the most frequent questions I'm asked at LIN is about leisure trends - and the answer to that question would be huge and always changing. So this week I attended a  webinar on how to be a... Read More

What's so special about ?

LIN and ARPA launched this new search engine ( - search quality of life) in October as a pilot project, and we need your usage data to help us improve the service.What's so special about... Read More


Thanks to ParticipACTION for sharing this with us....Residents of Moss Park in Toronto will have a place to be active and connect with nature thanks to a unique collaboration among Coca-Cola,... Read More

ParticipACTION's blog

Hi there:   I write ParticipACTION's popular national blogs (French and English). We would be pleased to share some of our content with you if you like -- for your community blog. Read More

Partnerships eclipse citizen participation in municipal recreation

Hi Agnes,I have 2 topics I would like to share with peers. the one above and the other is regarding the relegation of recreation to almost obscurity in the new Prov ministry cabinet structure.I have... Read More

During tough economic times, our leisure is even more important

During tough economic times, we must take action to ensure that Canada’s economy grows, but those actions must not be at the expense of other aspects of lives. The recent release of the Canadian... Read More

In Defence of Leisure

I was very pleased to hear the decision by LIN to change the name back to the original title of Leisure Information Network. A trend that I have witnessed in recent years within the field is a move... Read More

A Change for LIN

LIN has been delivering outstanding online services to over 6,000 professionals and volunteers in the leisure services and lifestyle sector since 1995. It has actively sought to continually expand... Read More

Last Day Photos from the Summit

Just looking through the photos from the last day of the Summit - I especially like the one of the whole group which captures a moment of many emotions - triumph, that we got through the entire... Read More

New Resources Added

Since I returned from the National Recreation Summit I've been adding Reference Materials and Links that came up during the discussions to the Summit pages. It's taking a while to track them down and... Read More

Wrapping Up & Just Starting Out

The summit wrapped up a couple of hours ago with a summation by Brian Johnston, but with the assurance that this is a beginning, not an end. The analysis, summation, and next steps have already begun... Read More

It's been a long day!

It's been a long day with so many really exciting and challenging ideas, that it's hard to know where to start. We have slides from most of the presenters today, so I won't try to summarize those for... Read More

Will We Be the Last Generation?

Richard Luov asked today - Will we be the last generation to think it's normal for children to play in the woods, and to play in unstructured ways? He went on to say that many people have a negative... Read More

Confronting Canada's Public Health Crisis

This morning's presentation by Dr. Trevor Hancock, and the panel presentations were excellent. You can download them all from the NRS site so I won't try to reiterate them here, but a few comments... Read More

Slow is Not a Four Letter Word

Carl Honoré was the keynote speaker last night, "In Praise of Slow".  Speed yoga, drive-through funerals, hyper-parenting, and the one-minute bedtime story should give us all a wake up call  - it's... Read More

Lake Louise at Last!

Arrived in Lake Louise this afternoon to brilliant sunshine and snow.  Hiking beside the lake was really inspiring and an excellent start to the program, especially as the keynote address was to... Read More

Rethinking Our Sacred Cows

We all have our sacred cows. You know, the way we've always done things. And the truth is, it often takes a lot to get us to try something new. We have our tried and true and, especially when we're ... Read More

Excited About the National Recreation Summit

I am very much looking forward to participating in the upcoming Recreation Summit at Lake Louise. A national gathering to discuss the future of recreation in Canada is long overdue.Given the... Read More

The Summit is Coming

Watch this blog for ongoing posts during the summit - we will be bringing you photos, summaries of discussions, and videos of some of the presentations.Our intention is to provide an informal and... Read More