The Benefits Hub - Evidence of the Value of YOUR Work

I continue to be surpised by the people I meet who don't know about the Benefits Hub ( This is the online version of the Benefits Catalogue, which has been around since 1992 - a listing of research which supports the personal, social, economic and environmental benefits of recreation, sport, active living, culture and the arts. The evidence is presented under 64 "Outcome Statements".

It can help you explain the value of your work to friends, employers and stakeholders and provide proof that your services get results.

The new online version is updated weekly with the latest research, is easier to search for very specific topics, and the Outcome Statements are linked to sample program success stories.

So, for example, you could search for evidence of the value of after school soccer programs for at-risk youth, and then find examples of those types of programs that are already underway.

You can sign up for the Benefits E-blast on the site, or follow on Twitter.

If you're already a user of the hub, then don't forget to alert us to new research so we can be sure it's included!