Dr. Mike Evans' Advice for Promoting Physical Activity

Dr. Mike Evans was the keynote speaker for the final session of the Summit – you remember his 23½ Hours or Make your Day Harder videos, among many others. He talked about innovation in health care and promotion and gave us some advice for rolling out the messages for physical activity:

  • It's important to segment the market and find what motivates or will resonate with each segment.
  • Change up the team – try working with people outside our usual circle who will see things from different viewpoints.
  • Remember that success and failure often point in the same direction. Sometimes we'll have to do something that fails to learn what will succeed. Suck less, fail more.
  • We may need to take many small steps to effect change – Viagara makers had a big marketing challenge to create awareness around erectile dysfunction but now we all know what the blue pill is for...
  • The biggest workforce in the world is the public. Build a healthy virus and let them spread it.
  • Use the wisdom of people who have lived the issue.
  • Stories trump data, relationships trump stories. Tell evidence-based stories and embed them in the relationships of the cause.
  • We can use cost effective messaging on media like social media and YouTube which can totally change perspectives.
  • Interventions need to be collaborative and creative.
  • See ourselves as social entrepreneurs with a small business that we are growing. Iterate.

As always he was funny and provocactive and this blog doesn't do justice to his presentation.