It's been a long day!

It's been a long day with so many really exciting and challenging ideas, that it's hard to know where to start. We have slides from most of the presenters today, so I won't try to summarize those for you, but Graham Clyne spoke today with some thought provoking (and provocative) statements:

  • Benefits of social programs splatter across systems and recreation has the biggest splatter
  • In recreation it can be difficult to develop the evidence of the benefits because rec programs are not tightly controlled situations, but we must embrace a culture of evaluation
  • We need to produce evidence that will resonate with local decision makers
  • What passes for diversity is people from different cultures who agree with us
  • Be careful about creating a national recreation statement when recreation is done at the provincial and local level
  • Recreation needs to be positioned squarely at the centre of human and social services
  • You can frame your evidence from the point of view of fear or opportunity - fear often works well

You have been getting only a skim of the surface from these blogs, but after the summit I hope we will find ways to augment the information that is available online now.