What's so special about searchqol.ca ?

LIN and ARPA launched this new search engine (searchqol.ca - search quality of life) in October as a pilot project, and we need your usage data to help us improve the service.

What's so special about this new search engine?

First of all, it uses Google search technology so the sophisticated search capabilities will look familiar to you. But what makes it unique is that it searches only pre-screened web sitesĀ  (50 so far) related to recreation, parks, healthy living and quality of life. When you use it, you will retrieve fewer postings, and they will all be closely related to your search.

One user told us, when she did a search on "play in later life", it was the first time she found results relevant to her research, and didn't have to deal with inappropriate web sites.

We're working on refining the search suggestions and matching the top sites to specific topics.

If you still retrieve too many results, try some of the google advanced search features (you'll find a link to these tips on the search page):

  • Use quotations around the terms, so they will be found as a phrase in the text "search term"
  • Limit the search to one web site by entering the search terms followed by site: facilities "life cycle" site:lin.ca
  • Exclude a word from the search by using a minus sign immediately before the term (no space) -term
  • Find a word with a specific spelling or ending, by using the plus sign before the term (no space) +term
  • Limit the search to a file type (pdf, ppt, doc, jpg) by entering filetype: after the search term facilities filetype:pdf