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Summit Photo Album

We have collected some photos from the Parks Summit for you to enjoy and share. Below is a sneak peek collage, click the button to see the full Google Photo Album. You can also share your photos from the summit to the album!

Special thanks to Paul Eagles from the University of Waterloo for his great camera work.

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Summit Recap Day 2: Connect and Conserve

Day Two of the parks conference saw delegates roll up their sleeves as they tackled the broader topics of connection and conservation, breaking into a series of smaller working groups to discuss these concepts from various parks perspectives. Rapporteurs audited these conversations, and the information from all sessions will be distilled and shared as an outcome of the Parks Summit.


The 8:80 Principle: Think of an 8-year-old and an 80-year-old. Is your city set up to give them safe engaging access to parks?

Parks Summit Day 1: The purpose and the process

"Our parks have been a part of who we are - Our history, identity and pride"

The first large-scale parks conference in Canada kicked off in Canmore Alberta on April 11, 2016, bringing together parks advocates and professionals from across the country, including representation from all levels of government, parks and recreation associations, parks staff and administration and academics to discuss common issues and hopes affecting the Parks sector in Canada.

Call to Action Round Up

Is today the day we recommit ourselves to the purpose, the passion, against all odds?

Delegates were asked the following question throughout the Global Summit:

“How will you use the knowledge presented at the Global Summit to influence policies programs, campaigns, investments and research that enhance physical opportunities for children and youth in your own countries and communities?”

Answers varied in scope but tended to focus on the following key areas: