Parks Summit Commissioned Papers

The following papers were commissioned as part of the 2016 Parks for All Canadian Parks Summit held April 11-14 in Canmore, Alberta, Canada.

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Protection and Persistence in the Canadian Protected Areas System: A Review of Conservation Science Research and Approaches

Looks at biodiversity losses due to habitat loss and degradation and other stressors, and the serious threat this poses to human well-being as impoverished ecosystems are less able to provide the essential services people depend on like clean water and food. Looks at problems in meeting targets, as well as the need to initiate a process of engaging others in a dialogue about a conservation strategy that is evidence-based and seeks to designate a system of sufficiently large, well-connected protected areas.  

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Urban Parks in Canada: History, Benefits, and Current Issues

This paper first reviews the global and Canadian history of urban parks, as this history has important ramifications for the appearance, structure, function, and management of contemporary urban parks. In addition, many of the benefits highlighted in the last 5-10 years have precedents in the original calls and creation of urban parks. The paper then reviews the major benefits of urban parks based on an increasing amount of academic literature on this broad topic from a range of disciplines.

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Nature’s Continuum

This paper examines the diversity of ways that people choose to engage with nature, and how this demand presents challenges and opportunities for park agencies, and other providers of nature experiences.

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Policy on Training, Education and Research: A Call to Action

Looks at various aspects and issues related to Canada's progress and committment to biodiversity goals and targets of the Aichi Biodiversity Targets.

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