Parks Planning Information

A variety of resources curated to support your program and project planning.

MP: Lethbridge River Valley Parks Master Plan

Organization Sponsor: Lethbridge, City
The purpose of the River Valley Parks Master Plan (the “Plan”) is to provide a long-term strategy for resource protection, sustainable management and nature based recreational development in the Lethbridge River Valley. The Plan provides a guiding framework for the future of parks within the River...

MP: City of Merritt Parks Master Plan

Organization Sponsor: Merritt, City
The parks, recreation and cultural master plan contains a variety of recommendations in the areas of parks, trails and facilities. It contains 27 recommendations for parks representing a $2.6 million investment over 10 years, 10 recommendations for trails worth $260,000 over 10 years and 22...

MP: Municipality of North Cowichan Parks and Trails Master Plan

Organization Sponsor: North Cowichan, Municipality
Summary: This plan is a system-wide strategic plan that guides the resourcing, development, management, provision and expansion of our parks and trails over the next 15 years. Reflecting the desires of the community, the plan has identified strategies and actions to improve our extraordinary...

MP: City of Burlington Parks, Recreation and Cultural Assets Master Plan

Organization Sponsor: Burlington, City
The Parks, Recreation and Cultural Assets Master Plan is a comprehensive, twenty-year Plan covering the period 2009 to 2028. It is an expanded update of the 2004 Community Leisure Facilities Plan as it includes Parks, Open Spaces and Community Trails components, along with a separate section...

MP: City of Chilliwack Greenspace Plan / Trail Network Plan

Organization Sponsor: Quesnel, City
Created as a supporting document to Chilliwack's Official Community Plan (OCP) the Greenspace Plan and supplementary Trail Network Plan sets out the City's goals and visions for developing new parks and trails over the coming decades. The overall objective of the Greenspace Plan is to ensure the...

MP: City of Windsor Parks and Outdoor Recreation Master Plan

Organization Sponsor: Windsor, City
Rediscover Our Parks is the City of Windsor’s Parks and Outdoor Recreation Master Plan. It is a higher level document identifying the needs and recommendations for consideration in both Parks Capital and Parks Operational Budgets for the next 20 years at the detailed individual park level....

MP: City of Airdrie Great Places Plan

Organization Sponsor: Prince George, City
The Great Places Plan is a comprehensive source of policy on open spaces in the City of Airdrie. It also provides an implementation strategy to guide open space acquisition, development and use. The Plan emphasizes the importance of understanding the City’s land use context, present urban structure...

MP: City of Quesnel Parks, Green Spaces and Outdoor Recreation Master Plan

Organization Sponsor: Quesnel, City
From Executive Summary: Developed collaboratively by consulting with City Staff, Council, stakeholders and the public, the plan sets clear directives to guide policy development and decision making towards a sustainable City-wide vision for parks, trails, green spaces and outdoor recreation...

MP: District of Coldstream Parks Master Plan - Draft

Organization Sponsor: Coldstream, District
It Starts in Your Parks is the initial Parks Master Plan for the District of Coldstream. The Plan provides a framework for decision making for future parks and open service delivery and resource allocation. The Plan is basically designed to cover a 10 year period. The goal of the Plan is to: “...

A Pathway to Growth: Alberta's Tourism Framework 2013-2020

Organization Sponsor: Alberta, Government
Describes Alberta’s Tourism Legacy, Focus, Where They are Now, How They Should Grow, Brand: A Key Pillar of the Framework, Drivers of Alberta’s Tourism Framework, Vision, Goal, Key Priorities 2013-2020, Collaborative Tourism Initiative, Key Objectives: 2013-2020, and Implementation.