Communities in Bloom 2003 By-laws

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Athabasca AB: By-laws

New 2003 By-laws in Athabasca including IPM, tidiness and maintenance, heritage conservation, smoking regulations, etc.

Brandon MB: Solid Waste Collection & Disposal Bylaw

A Bylaw respecting the collection, removal and disposal of solid waste and the abatement of certain nuisances.

Brandon MB: Water and Wastewater Control By-law

A By-law to provide for the maintenance, management and conduct of the Brandon Waterworks System and to regulate the use of public and...

Gananoque ON: Pesticides By-law

A By-law to restrict the cosmetic use of pesticides on all town owned and leased properties.

Halifax Regional Municipality NS: Pesticides By-law

A by-law respecting the regulation of pesticides, herbicides and insecticides.

Kamloops BC: Parks Regulations By-law

A By-law to provide for the use, regulation and protection of public lands, to include parks, boulevards and trees within the city of...

Kamloops BC: Tree Protection By-law

A by-law for the management and protection of trees on private lands within the City of Kamloops.

Olds AB: Cat By-law

A by-law to restrain and regulate the running-at-large of cats.

Olds AB: Dogs by-law

A by-law to license, restrain and regulate the running-at-large of dogs.

Olds AB: Parks and Campground By-law

A by-law to provide for the control and operation of parks, campgrounds, public reserves and boulevards.

Olds AB: Untidy Premises By-law

A By-law to regulate untidy and unsightly premises, and for the abatement of nuisances.

Owen Sound ON: Property standards By-law

A by-law for prescribing standards for the maintenance and occupancy of property within the city of Owen Sound.

Owen Sound ON: Tree Management By-law

A by-law to regulate and control the management of all existing trees belonging to the corporation of the City of Owen Sound.

Perth ON: Tree Management By-law

A by-law to restrict and regulate the destruction of trees by cutting, burning, or other means.

Wetaskiwin AB: Nuisance By-law

A By-law respecting nuisances and untidy or unsightly premises.

Wetaskiwin AB: Waste Management By-law

By-law of the City of Wetaskiwin to establish a waste management by-law, replacing a previous by-law.

Whitehorse YK: Heritage By-law

By-law to provide for the protection of municipal heritage resources.

Whitehorse YK: Heritage Fund By-law

By-law to authorise the establishment of a Heritage Fund for the receipt of money or property in order to support the preservation,...
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