Communities In Bloom 2003 Technical Documents

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Abbotsford BC: Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Policy

Policy that provides guidelines to help maintain and enhance the functionality, safe use, enjoyment and aesthetic beauty of the City's...

Abbotsford BC: Recommended Tree Species

The tree species included in this file have been selected because they are known to generally perform well in Abbotsford's climatic...

Abbotsford BC: Tree Planting Guidelines

Tree planting and management instructions.

Airdrie AB: Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Plan

Integrated Pest Management Plan : Classification, Pest Control, Maintenance and Frenquency Guidelines

Athabasca AB: Business Plan

Detailed Business Plan encompassing several departments and topics

Barrie ON: Urban Design Manual

Guidelines established in order to implement the existing urban design policies contained inthe Official Plan, to provide a framework for...

Clonakilty, Ireland : Development Plan

Development plan of the municipality by the Town Council intended to enhance quality of life, ensure sustainable development, and...

Edmonton AB: Parkland Services Business Plan

The Parkland Services 2003-2005 Business Plan outlines the direction the Parks branch of the Edmonton Community Services Department aims to...

Edmonton AB: Waste Management Centre

Information about initiatives of the Edmonton Waste Management Centre for managing waste, hazardous materials and for recycling.

Fayetteville, Arkansas: Landscape policies

Information about turf management, weed control and other landscape policies in the City.

Gananoque ON: Heritage Tree Program

Program to recognize heritage or significant trees (due to age, size, specieis or historic association) in the town.

Halifax NS: Sustainable Landscape Maintenance

Provides information on the Sustainable Community program in Halifax, intended to make the most efficient use of its resources, generates...

Halifax Regional Municipality NS: Annual Report

Municipal Annual Report for 2003.

Halton Hills ON: Application form

Site plan application package for a new development proposal including sections on preservation of existing vegetation, pathways to parks,...

Kamloops BC: The Rivers Trail

Functional enhancement manual for the Rivers Trail, including signage, benches and picnic tables, trail access etc.

Kamloops BC: Watersmart Gardening

A practical guide to low-water, low-maintenance landscaping in Kamloops.

Langley BC: Integrated Pest Management Program

This plan defines Integrated Pest Management (IPM), explains the process, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

Langley BC: Pesticide Handling Policy

Manual with objectives to control pesticides use and to raise awareness about their effects.

Langley BC: Urban Forest Feasibility Review

Document developed to outline the feasibility of establishing an Urban Forest operation for the City to grow trees for its own use in...

Olds AB: Green Space Maintenance

Provides a policy and guidelines to ensure green space areas are inspected and maintained at a safe and quality standard and to reduce or...

Olds AB: Integrated Pest Management Policy

Provides a policy on IPM and procedures for managing green spaces, open spaces, turf areas and playgrounds.

Owen Sound ON: Harrison Park Master Plan

Overall review of the park's land use planning and condition of the park's infrastructure.

Qualicum Beach BC: Neighbourhood Plan

Preliminary site inventory...

St. Thomas ON: Tree Planting Standards

Street tree planting guidelines for developers.

Summerside PEI: Urban Forest Removal and Replacement Program

Five-year plan to remove, replace and maintain the trees in the City.

Vaughan ON: Flowerbed Maintenance Standards

Task description and procedures for flowerbed maintenance.

Vaughan ON: Heritage Site Information

Various information including Heritage Site Designation procedures in Vaughan; Register of Designated property ; Designated property...

Vaughan ON: Museum Guidelines

General guidelines for establishing a community museum or cultural intepretive centre in the City of Vaughan.

Vaughan ON: Sports Fields Maintenance

Various policies about sports fields : wet field, watering, aerating, topdressing, overseeding, fertilizing, sodding, baseball diamond...

Westmount QC: Landscape Design

Landscape guidelines for everyone in Westmount. Includes instructions about fences, hedges, ground cover, plants, flowers, etc.

Westmount QC: Parks maintenance guidelines

Guidelines for the contractor in charge of parks and green areas in the town. / Cahier des charges spéciales pour l'entretien des parcs et...

Westmount QC: Turf Maintenance

Guidelines for contractors regarding turf maintenance. / Cahier des charges pour la tonte et l'entretien des surfaces gazonneés.
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