Communities in Bloom 2006 By-laws

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Barrie ON: Land Management

Amendment to a land use control bylaw to regulate the use of land, and the erection, use, bulk, height, location and spacing of buildings...

Barrie ON: Municipal-Wide Development

Bylaw to establish municipal-wide development charges for the City of Barrie.

Brooks AB: Advertising Signs Bylaw

Bylaw to provide standards and regulations for outdoor commercial advertising in the interest of amenity and safety of the public and...

Brooks AB: Low Flow Fixture Bylaw

Bylaw to regulate, control and manage low flow plumbing fixtures in the City of Brooks.

Brooks AB: Unsightly Property Bylaw

Bylaw to regulate property standards for grass, weeds, conditions of buildings etc.

Brooks AB: Water Rates

Bylaw to establish water rates charged to consumers and to regulate the control of the utility.

Gananoque ON: Vehicle Idling & Pesticides Bylaws

Two bylaws; one to control the idling of vehicles and one to control pesticide use.

Gibbons AB: Nuisance Bylaw

Bylaw to control and regulate nuisances and unsightly premises within the Town of Gibbons.

Gibbons AB: Refuse Collection and Disposal

Bylaw to establish and regulate collection, removal and disposal of garbage and refuse.

Gibbons AB: Waterworks and Sewer Servicing

Bylaw respecting waterworks and sewer servicing in the town and to provide for the collection of water and sewer service charges in the...

Kawartha Lakes ON: Parks and Facilities Bylaw

A bylaw to regulate public parks and facilities in the city of Kawartha Lakes.

Kawartha Lakes ON: Sign maintenance

Bylaw respecting signs, explaining the related procedures and maintenance guidelines in the City.

White Rock BC: Community Improvement Bylaw

Bylaw providing for the community improvement and remediation of unsightly property within the City of White Rock; and the control of...

White Rock BC: Tree Removal Bylaw

Bylaw to provide for the management of tree removal on private lands on or near ravines and watercourses, and in areas identified as...
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