Communities in Bloom 2007 Initiatives

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Edmonton AB: Cityfarm

Cityfarm is a place which offers programs for education of children regarding agriculture, farming, the environment, etc.

Edmonton AB: Riverdale NetZero Project

Information about a sustainable housing project.

Langley BC: Grow With Me Program

Brief summary of a school Initiative to teach students the importance of trees and the environment.

Langley BC: Initiatives at Simonds Elementary School

Presentation of various beautification initiatives involving the children at Simonds Elementary School, complete with picture and newspaper...

Langley BC: Poetry Poster Contest

Summary of a contest held to celebrate Pitch-in Week in Langley.

Langley BC: Sunflower Seed Program

Information about the Sunflower Seed program, a youth initiative to encourage environmental awareness.

Oberlin, Ohio: Wind Power Initiative

An Oberlin College project to prove the financial feasibilty of providing Oberlin with 100% renewable wind energy.

Olds AB: Trees for Ever Program

Description of the Trees for Ever program; residents can participate and choose a tree that will be planted in the town.
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