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For most recreationists and teachers, dollar stores are probably one of the most often visited professional stores.

These stores have so many neat things for so little money. Have fun bringing in new equipment for new games without breaking the bank. The kids will love you for it!

The sampling of games from this book promote eight major participant outcomes:

  1. Promote physical activity and active living.
  2. Emphasize the locomotion and movement skills of:
  • Changing direction
  • Space Awareness
  • Stability
  • Teach safety awareness.
  • Encourage fun and enjoyment.
  • Encourage active participation for all.
  • Incorporate the use of manipulatives.
  • Develop skills of team work, cooperation and sharing.
  • Build decision-making, problem-solving and strategy skills.

This resource and other CIRA resources can be purchased online by going to and clicking on Resources.

Balloon Fitness

This activity combines several fitness activities into one game.

Bracelet Ball

This activity encourages team play in a regular sport or game.

Four Goal Feetball

A good team game which uses a variety of balls, kicked as in soccer.

King of the Road - Group Activity

This is a simple, active game that requires only a few decks of playing cards.

Power Pack Cool Down: Activity

This is a simple game that can be used as a transition activity, using only sponges as "power packs".
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