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"101Circle Games for Kids of All Ages"
by Andy Raithby
Collection courtesy of CIRA Ontario
anincorporated, non-profit organization whose mission is to encourage,promote and develop active living, healthy lifestyles and personalgrowth through intramural and recreational programs within theeducation and recreation communities.


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Circle Game - Confusion (Slap - Slap)

This is a simple, fun circle game that requires no special equipment.

Circle Game - Drop It - Catch It

This simple game is easy to organize and requires only a ball for equipment.

Circle Game - Human Pinball

This fun game can be played by any number of participants using several gator balls.

Circle Game - Rabbit in the Hole

This is a simple game, easily supervised, that requires a quick eye and fast reflexes.

Circle Game - Someone Moved

This game, which requires no equipment, is perfect for filling a few minutes between classes or activities, or as an icebreaker.

Circle Game - Zip Zap

This game requires no equipment and is a good filler for the last few minutes of a class or between other activities.
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