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"Everybody Move" is a multimedia package for daily physical activity which includes the following:

  • 80 minutes of music for activities, routines and circuit training
  • 93 minutes of video showing routines and instructional tips
  • 235 reproducibles for circuits and other activities

The challenge of improving the health of children and youth through physical activity is significant. Providing developmentally appropriate opportunities for children to be active and have fun is the essentail goal of this book. The following are activities from this resource. 

This resource and other CIRA resources can be purchased on-line by going to and clicking on Resources.

Athletic Moves - Group Activity

In this activity, for any number of participants, players mimic sport moves. 

Bicycle Races Group Activity

This team activity develops endurance by having the participants "cycle" as long as possible.

Jump the Answers: Group Activity

This game combines math with physical activity.

Line Jump - Group Activity

This activity, for individuals or groups, has participants creating patterns by jumping over lines.

Pass the Bass - Group Activity

This activity, taken from the multimedia package "Everbody Move" is intended to have players lead different exercises.

Pinball- Group Activity

Players kick a ball between the chairs of other players.
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