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Extra Ordinary Games is full of creative games that are fun, active, and inclusive, which can be played for longer amounts of time! This resource is suited for all age levels, including secondary and post secondary schools. Many of these fun and competitive games are simple variations of traditional team games, made by changing the equipment used or by adding creative additions.

This resource and other CIRA resources can be purchased on-line by going to and clicking on Resources.

Blanket Volleyball - Inclusive Game

This inclusive game is meant for pairs of players to propel the ball over the net.

Capture the Football: Inclusive Game

This inclusive game for teams uses minimal equipment. The goal is to capture the football from the other team.

Four Quad: Inclusive Game

This inclusive game is played in teams, which try to collect objects from their oponents.

Kaboom: Inclusive Game

The objective of this inclusive game is to score a goal by throwing the ball directly at a tennis ball pyramid and knocking it down.

Pop and Drop Disc - Inclusive Game

This inclusive team game uses simple equipment such as sticks and cups.

Scooter Basketball: Inclusive Game

This is a fun, active and inclusive game, suitable for all age levels. The objective is to get the basketball in the net while riding a...
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