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Follow the Leader focuses on key leadership principles: respect, teamwork, problem solving, trust and communication.

The bulk of the book contains fun, inclusive, engaging and experiential activities. The real value of having leaders engage in these games is the debriefing times. 

Each activity has a list of suggested questions.  Most often, it is helpful to debrief immediately following the activity, but sometimes it may be better to do a couple of similar activities and discuss both together.

This resource and other CIRA resources can be purchased online by going to and clicking on Resources.

Follow The Leader - High Tide, Low Tide

In this activity, everyone gets a chance to lead the group and gain confidence in his/her leadership ability.

Follow The Leader - Who Is Missing?

This activity looks at the position of outsiders and why they are easily overlooked in a group.

Building Blocks Game - Leadership Activity

This activity demonstrates how to determine when and how an individual can contribute to a group activity.

Follow The Leader - Animal Shapes

This activity demonstrates how each player's ideas enrich the work of the group.

Follow The Leader - Beach Ball Bop

This leadership activity demonstrates that there can be many strategies to solve a problem.

Follow The Leader - Leadership Circuit

Participants will understand the meaning of words such as respect, cooperation, trust, honesty, listening and caring.

Follow The Leader - Stop!!!!!

This leadership activity gives participants an opportunity to reflect and offer feedback.

Follow The Leader - Switch

This activity demonstrates to groups working together to accomplish a goal.

Snake - Leadership Activity

The objective of this activity, from the publication "Follow the Leader", is to demonstrate trust and responsibility for each other.
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