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Active Halton (established in 2000 as the Halton Active Living Network), a network of committed individuals and organizations from the Halton community formed to promote and supporting healthy active lifestyles in the Halton Community, developed the following resources supporting active living in the workplace. See also the Halton Region Resources for Being Healthier at Work.

A Workplace Strategy Introduction

An introduction to the strategy used by Active Halton to implement workplace policies and promote the benefits of physical activity to...

Barriers to Taking Part in Activity

Common barriers to physical activity and ways to overcome them in the workplace.

Be Active At Work

Tips on easy ways to fit activity into your work day.

Encourage Physical Activity at Work

Provides tips on how to show that your company values an active workforce - by having policies that support and encourage staff to be...

Ensuring a supportive environment at work

How to use the physical environment in and around your workplace to support your staff’s efforts to be physically active.

How to Encourage Your Staff to be Active at Work - Sample Email for Decision Makers

Sample of an email that can be sent to decision makers in the workplace.

Providing Programs that Support Physical Activity

Tips on how to provide fitness and physical activity programs in your workplace to help your staff be more active, more productive and lose...

Resources to support physical activity at work

Tips for starting or expanding a workplace physical activity program - building support, finding funding, gaining access to facilities, and...

Stretches for the Office Workplace

Illustrated stretching suggestions for those who work in an office environment.

Stretching - An Important Part of Physical Activity

An introduction to the importance an benefits of stretching, as well as some basic how-to's.

Take A Walk Today

Tips to encourage walking - excellent example of an email that could be sent out to employees.

Ten Reasons to Support Physical Activity at the Workplace

Provides a list of health benefits of being physically active.

What's Holding You Back? Overcoming Barriers to Physical Activity

Many people experience personal barriers to physical activity. This fact sheet provides tips on how to overcome these barriers. You’re...
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