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Master Plans & RFP Examples

We've put together a sample of Master Plans and Requests for Proposals related to community recreation, parks, open spaces, greenspace, urban forestry, and environmental planning from across the country to help you start thinking about the process and compare with your own.

Several of the samples in this collection include both a Master Plan (MP) and its corresponding Request for Proposal (RFP).

In some cases, the RFP may be referred to under different titles such as Terms of Reference, Expression of Interest, etc.

The following naming convention has been used:

MP=only a Master Plan; Sample RFP=only a RFP; Sample RFP/MP=both MP and RFP.

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Sample RFP: Town of Strathmore Development of a Park, Pathways, Culture and Recreational Master Plan

Terms of Reference and Request for Proposals for the Development of a Park, Pathways, Culture and Recreational Master Plan provides...

Sample RFP: Town of Sundre Master Recreation Plan

Request for a Proposal to provide consultation services to develop a comprehensive Master Recreation Plan for Sundre, AB, including...

Sample RFP: Town of Vulcan Recreation Master Plan

This Request for Proposal - Recreation Master Plan,  posted by the Town of Vulcan,  provided bid details for a Recreation...

Sample RFP: Village of Cache Creek Ten Year Parks, Recreation and Trails Master Plan

This Request for a Proposal is for a Master Plan with a ten-year horizon to guide acquisition and development of parks, facilities and...


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