Safety and Injury Prevention

This is a collection of resources on safety and injury prevention in recreation and sport, intended for use by professionals and volunteers. 

The list is quite long, so if you don't want to browse, go to the Recreation Database search page, where you can search by keyword, topic or population.

What’s on the horizon? Protect Yourself from Severe Weather in Manitoba's Provincial Parks

Brochure outlining how to ensure personal safety by looking for the signs, listening for warnings, and being prepared for different types...

Which Helmet for Which Activity? (US)

A guide to figuring out which helmet to wear for which activity.

Winter safety

Participating in winter sports will help keep the whole family healthy, but injuries can spoil the fun. Here's how to keep kids safe during...

YMCA Safe School Act policy

The Safe Schools Act, 2000, puts into law various ways to increase safety, respect and responsibility in Ontario schools. This section...


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