Communities in Bloom

Communities in Bloom

LIN and Communities in Bloom are pleased to provide access to these documents, collected annually as part of the Evaluation Process. Communities in Bloom promotes involvement and action by citizens of all ages, the municipal government, local organizations and businesses.

The program strives to improve the tidiness, appearance and visual appeal of Canada's neighbourhoods, parks, open spaces and streets through the imaginative use of flowers, plants and trees. A focus on environmental awareness and preservation of heritage and culture is also an integral part of its success resulting in an improved quality of life.

2016 Community Profile Books

2016 Community Profile Books - Province of Alberta

2015 Community Profile Books

2015 Community Profile Books - Province of Alberta

2014 Community Profile Books

2014 Community Profile Books - Province of Alberta

2013 Community Profile Books

2012 Community Profile Books

2011 Presentation Documents

2010 Presentation Documents

2009 Presentation Documents

2008 Presentation Documents


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