Parks and Geographic Information Systems

This article provides information on the current issue of parks and geographic information systems.

An Approach to Dealing With Violence in Recreation Settings

This article provides different approaches to dealing with violence in recreation settings. //

Better Together: Partnership building between Recreation and Sport Leaders

This article discusses the benefits of partnership building between recreation and sport leaders.

Changing our Conception of Creativity

This article provides criteria under which a leisure activity can be deemed 'creative'.

Community Festivals: Celebration or Sellout?

This article discusses the positive and negative issues surrounding community festivals.

Community Resource Sharing: The Markham Story

This article discusses the current situation which recreation professionals are experiencing in which they no longer have as much...

Contracting Out: A public service option

This article provides information on contracting and how to use it effectively.

CP/RA National Policy on Family Leisure

This article provides information on the CP/RA National Policy on Family Leisure.

CP/RA National Policy on Youth

This article provides information on the goals of the CP/RA's youth policy. //

Developing Recreation Leaders in Canada's Arctic

This article provides information on the challenge of developing a college diploma program to train northerners as community recreation...

Doing Something About Gender Equity in Sports and Recreation

This article presents findings on research completed on the subject of gender equity within sport and recreation

Environmental Factsheet - Urban Forestry

This article provides information on urban forestry and shows management approaches as well as providing key components to ensuring healthy...

Environmental Factsheet-Defining Greenways

This article discusses defining greenways.

Environmental Factsheet-Liveable Winter Cities

This article discusses the Liveable Winter Cities Association, which is an international non-profit organization committed to maximizing...

Facilities: Changing Needs

This article discusses current issues regarding the changing needs of facilities. //

Facility Operation-Alternative Management

This article provides a systematic approach to evaluating current methods of operation of facilities, and then provides solutions for...

Festival Place: Sherwood Park Centre for the Arts and Business

This article looks closely at one operation which attempts to solve the problem of delivery of service through a partnership arrangement.

Juridiquement parlant des grandes attentes

Cet article, en comparant les plaintes pour négligence aux plaintes pour défectuosité d'un produit, explique comment le consommateur...

Kids on Steroids It's time to Rediscover Fair Play

This article discusses the current issue of fair play amongst young athletes.


This article discusses myths surrounding leadership and lists characteristics and components the author believes are desireble in...

Legally Speaking - Somebody's Got to Do it ..... Right

This article provides information on legal matters in the workplace, specifically dealing with termination of an employee and damages.

Legally Speaking- prescription foresight

This article discusses deals with foresight in the legal context of accidents or mishaps within a recreation and facility setting.

Legally Speaking-Ghosts

This article provides information on a discussion of who should bear the risk of recreational activity on industrial premises. The article...

Legally Speaking-Good-bye

This article provides legal guidance on what an employee can legally do after termination when leaving their previous workplace.

Legally Speaking-What's In a Name?

This article is a discussion which aims to lead to considerations of visual identity, or, as lawyers see it, trade marks.

Let's Gas Up Canada's Families Through Recreation and True Community Support

This article provides information on current issues surrounding Canadian families in present times.

Maintaining Service with Few Resources

This article outlines some of the innovative measures that the Ontario Recreation Facilities Association (formerly the Ontario Arenas...

Ontario Moves Ahead in Heritage

This article provides information on new provincial legislation in Ontario which will replace the heritage act.

Partnerships and the Grand Concourse

This article discusses the construction of the Grand Concourse in Newfoundland , and the large contribution that partnerships made to this...

Partnerships: A Successful tool

This article explains the benefits of cooperation,specifically partnerships.

Prince Edward Island: You Could Be Here

This article provides information on Prince Edward Island. //

Public Art in the Community

This article discusses public art in the community,specifically in Canadian municipalities.

Racism and Hockey- A Nova Scotia Approach

This article adresses the issue of racism in spot, dealing specifically with Nova Scotia. //

Recreaction People and Processes

This article provides information on CP/RAs new way of doing business.

RecreAction- the Bottom Line

This article provides information on the CP/RAs commitment to keeping a strong hold on the vaule of people in their business despite the...

The Efficient and Effective Management of Recreation Facilities

This article provides information on efficient and effective management of recreation facilities by illustrating the example of the...

The Future of Leadership in Parks and Recreation

This article provides information on the future of leadership in parks and recreation.

The Power and Promise of Leisure Based on Diversity

This article discusses the challenges of promoting recreation and leisure within a diverse community.

The Village

This article shares a unique perspective and thoughtful insights from the other side. Jutta Mason writes of people's real needs and the...

The Whole is Greater-Partnerships in parks and recreation

This article provides information on partnerships in parks and recreation.

Towards a Gender Equity Policy for Parks and Recreation

The paper asks key questions which focus on the issues of access, the role of CP/RA to provide leadership, the commitment of its members...

Wanuskewin Living in Harmony

This article provides information on Wanuskewin heritage park.

Women and Aerobics

This paper reports on a primarily qualitative study which explored the question of motivation to participate in aerobics and the...
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