1995 CP/RA Innovation Award Winner-Windsor Parks & Recreation

This article provides information on the 1995 CP/RA Award of Excellence for Innovation for Windsor's Parks and Recreation Department energy...

1995 Innovation Award Winner Saanich Commonwealth Place

This article provides information on The Place - Saanich Commonwealth Place,and the creation of this facility. //

Balancing Acts of Bicycles and Courts

This article discusses legal issues surrounding bikes, wrongful dismissal, board liability,and defamation.

Break-Free All Stars: Set your Sights on a Smoke-Free Generation

This article provides information on promoting a smoke free generation amongst children.

Change and Diversity in Recreation and Parks

This article provides information on progressive recreation, parks and community service departments and their solutions to addressing the...

Changing, Shaping the Future of Recreation, Parks and Leisure Services in Canada-The CP/RA

This article adresses the future of recreation, parks, and leisure services in Canada and states that the key to the future lies with...

Contracting Out:Parks and Recreation Services

This article provides information on the current issue of contracting out.

Élimination des écarts

Le multiculturalisme a tou-jours été une réalité de la société canadienne. Au cours des dernières années, les change-ments démographiques...

L.E.F.T. Brain-Reflexes, Tendencies, Needs

This article outlines a simple acronym developed to help remind us of some ancient reflexes and functions which have helped our species...

La médecine préventive: l'avantage des loisirs

Les loisirs jouent un rôle de plus en plus important en matière de prévention des maladies et de promotion de la santé au Canada. Cette...

Langley Discovers Active Living

This article outlines Langley's innovative framework which has lead to the establishment of 36 active living projects which demonstrate the...

Legally Speaking-I'll Drive

This article discusses the liabilities involved for facility operators who are considering serving alcohol at their establishments. //

Leisure Education Promoting Self-Determination in Persons with Disability

This article provides a step by step guide in order to promote self determination in persons with disability.

Marketing du secteur publie : Amélioration des services ou mise en péril des valeurs

Un nombre croissant de services de loisirs font appel au marketing pour orienter la diffusion de leurs services. Le marketing est un moyen...


This article provides information on the Naturalization, and its increase as well as the decrease of pesticide use.

Preventative Medicine: The Recreation Edge

This article provides information on a notable shift in thinking on achieving health for all. More broadly, this strategy focuses on a...

RecreAction Lessons from Geese

This article discusses lessons learnt from geese such as the benefits of community.

Self Sufficiency: The Holy Grail of Community Theatre Operations in the 90s. Is it Possible?

This article provides information on the current situations facing theatre operations and strategies which can be implemented in order for...

Sur le chemin de l'autonomie

L'autonomie est devenue l'objectif ultime des troupes de théâtre communautaire dans les années 1990. Les coûts des théâtres augmentent et l...

Tackling turf: Alternatives and Innovations

This article provides information on issues surrounding turf, for recreation professionals are faced with environmental pressures and...

The 1995 CP/RA Award Winner Operation Opportunity

This article provides information on the 1995 CP/RA Award winner , the Mohawk Accessible and Integrated Play space project.

The Cultural Challenge - Bridging the Gap

This article provides information on the issue of providing recreation services in the community which are acessible to new immigrants in...

The Future of Recreation For Canada's Aged

This article focuses on the future of leisure in Canada, dealing specifically with the situation of Canada's aging society.

The Law - Monica, Scott and Nancy

This article provides information on how much tournament organizers are legally bound to provide, dealing with recent lawsuits among...

The New Red Cross Water Safety Program Sets Sail

This article provides information on the Red Cross's new Water Safety Program and Leadership Program, and provides information and...


This article discusses the impact of a move from manufacturing to the information age.
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