Active Living for Older Adults: Don't Sweat It!

The article focuses on what active living means for older adults and how it can maintain functional abilities and have fun. //

Active Living Gets Moving on the Information Highway

The article describes what Active Living Canada is doing with their website to ensure people looking at their site will be updated and...

Active Living: A Catalyst to Effective Partnerships

The article looks at how the active living concept becomes a catalyst to developing successful partnerships that involve recreation.

Active Living: Contributing to Economic Development

The Canadian economy is benefiting from the fitness/active living movement in Canada. Active living is playing an important role in...

Are Railway Companies Leaving Canadian Communities with a "Surveying Nightmare?"

The article looks at a situation where land surveyors were given a lack of information when trying to re-establish the right-of-way line of...

Bridging the Gap: The Growing Link Between Parks and Recreation and Natural Resource Management Curricula

The article discusses the integration of resource management into parks and recreation training and how the University of Northern British...

Community Development: Promising Practices in Recreation and Leisure

The article describes the seven case studies done on Canadian communities in the midst of community development.

Correctional Recreation: A Time for Action

The article discusses how recreation must be targeted towards at-risk youth and how leisure has been used with inmates as a tool to control...

Cultural Diversity in Recreation and Leisure Studies: Curricula, Faculty & Students

The article discusses the need and strategies to enhance diversity and pluralism within Recreation and Leisure Studies.

Development and Implementation of a New Recreation Degree at Memorial University of Newfoundland

The article describes the new recreation degree program in the School of Physical Education and Athletics in Memorial University and how...

Développement communautaire: des pratiques d'avenir dans le domaine des loisirs

L'approche axée sur le développement communautaire que prônent la plupart des services municipaux des parcs et des loisirs est un des...

Diving Under the Influence

In the article, the author presents a dialogue between three people about a legal case involving an intoxicated male and diving into a...

Downtown Revitalization: A Good Thing But For Who

The article examines thoughts about how concentrated revitalization projects done to the city, does not consider the economically...

Finding Anne Lessons in Facilitating Meaningful Leisure Experiences for Canadian Visitors

In the article, the author describes the story of how she came to realize the true benefits of a Canadian based leisure experience.

Getting the Kids Off the Streets

The article describes how they were able to create a place for children playing roller hockey. A portable rink system was found and now...

Good Neighbours: (I) Drafting the Services Contract

The article discusses the matter of privatization of recreation facilities or programs and what to consider when doing so.

How I Use the Internet. Recreation Professionals Share Their Ideas

The article lists how recreational professionals across Canada use the Internet for their field.

Humber College Helps Recreation Professionals Update Their Skills Via the Internet

The article examines Humber College's online program that is offered over the Internet to allow learning in an inexpensive way and to...

International Leisure Education

The brief article introduces the Master of Science Degree from the Wageningen Agricultural University in The Netherlands.

It's None of Your "Business"

The article looks at changing views on how the "business" of recreation into the "business" of delivering the benefits of parks and...

Key Education Trend International Comparative Study Tours: A Trend to Recreation and Parks Education in Canada

The brief article discusses a course that sends students overseas to experience foreign recreation service, offered by the Department of...

L'avantage Acadia: un campus branché

Cet automne, de nombreux étudiants qui entreprendront leurs études à l'Université Acadia recevront un ordinateur et un cours sur la...

L'impact économique de l'activité physique

Cet article examine de plus près deux bienfaits économiques importants attribuables à l'activité physique : les économies réalisées en...

La diversité culturelle dans les études sur les loisir: programme, personnel et étudiants

Le programme, le personnel et les inscriptions au programme d'études sur les loisirs ne sont pas représentatifs de la diversité culturelle...

Laissons les ordinateurs arroser la pelouse

L'ordinateur central du système de la ville de Regina consiste en un seul terminal, d'où le personnel des loisirs et des parcs peut...

Le partenariat, source de fierté

Le programme de rapprochement communautaire offert à la résidence permet aux consommateurs de par-ticiper à des programmes de formation...

Les partenariats donnent de bons résultats mais attention aux pièges

Les municipalités profitent des partenariats de plusieurs façons. Les bienfaits évidents sont un financement ne paraissant pas au bilan, le...

Letting Computers

The article discusses a case where computers have made things more efficient without wasting resources.

Making Your Aquatic Facility Make Money

The article looks at how aquatic facilities can increase revenue even when budgets have been cut. //

Moving Towards Tomorrow's Communities

The article discusses responsible community design and key elements needed to make it successful. //

National Recreation Roundtable Stresses Partnerships

The brief article summarizes the importance the National Recreation Roundtable places on partnerships for community development.

No Surprises (II) Drafting the Service Contract

The article examines contractual terms which may govern privatization of a recreation department, facility or program.

On the Hook

In the article, the author goes through a situation dealing with a golf course and risk management. //

Parks: the Primitive and the Cultural

The article provides the history of parks and what was done to accommodate the need of two types of parks, wildlands and city parks.

Partnerships Work But Beware of Pitfalls

The article looks at the possible pitfalls that can occur with partnerships with the private sector.

Playground Safety Notes

The article covers the twelve common hazards in playgrounds.

Preview of Benefits Catalogue

The article describes the Benefits Catalogue and presents it in a form of a multiple choice, true and false quiz.

Programming for Self-Esteem: Considerations for Community Leaders in Recreation, Sport and Education

The article provides important information pertaining to self-esteem for program leaders to consider when dealing with children and youth.

Public-Private Partnerships in Richmond Arenas and Aquatics

The article looks at the public-private partnerships that Richmond, British Columbia have done around the city and share how they have...

Rails-to-Trails and Good Partnerships

The article looks at how a partnership was able to convert abandoned rail corridors to multi-use trails.

Recreation Practitioners Build Bridges

In this article, the author gives an example of rethinking which can lead to creative, innovative strategies and alliances that can occur.

Recreational Professionals Have Vision

The article discusses the importance of a vision when planning.

Restructuring Service Delivery

The article discusses amalgamation as an opportunity to restructure service delivery, but within its own terms of reference.

Societal Benefits of Parks & Recreation in Canada

The article briefly summarizes how parks and recreation is essential to our society.

Sports A Confidence Booster For All

The article discusses how sports can be empowering and boosts womens' confidence by teaching teamwork, risk-taking, fair play and co-...

Strategies That Work

The article covers some of the most common strategies used by community leaders to increase regular participation in physical activity.

Successful PPPs Take Time

The article looks at public/private partnerships and how they can affect the recreation field.

Taking Pride in Partnership

The article summarizes how consumers at the Charlotte Vehus Home in Inuvik, Northwest Territories work hard toward normalization through...

Telephone or Computer?

The article looks at two methods, telephone and internet, for parks and recreation departments to provide better services for customers.

The Acadia Advantage: Concept of the Wired Campus

The article looks at how Acadia University will offer its Acadia Advantage program by offering all of its students a Thinkpad computer and...


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