A Hero Among Us

The article talks about the heroics of Neil Semenchuk and how he lead and organized his department to help in the 1998 ice storm.

A World in Crisis?

The article describes how the environment is suffering due to our actions and how the Evergreen Foundation has created the mission to...


The article describes the West Island Committee for Integrated Recreation where the department helps in integrating people with...

Adhérer a ses avantages

Félicitations à Ron Philpott et Dave Lieskovsky, coprésidents du symposium, et à tout leur comité pour avoir organisé un congrès à contenu...

Amalgamation in Industrial Cape Breton

The article discusses the amalgamation of eight municipal units into Cape Breton Regional Municipality, the challenges and advantages of it...

Answering the Critics of Local Government Recreation and Park Services

The article uncovers the myths and realities about local recreation and park services of the United States and Canada. //

Benefits Driven Recreation

The brief article discusses how a benefits-driven approach to recreation delivery will help with the amalgamation process to develop...

Canadian Hockey Association on Abuse

The article focuses on the steps taken by the Canadian Hockey Association to address harassment and abuse, including sexual, racial, verbal...

Choosing Effective Meeting Places. What is the Best Choice When Results are Important?

The article discusses meetings, the different types and deciding whether to hold them on-site or off-site of the office. //

CPRA Members Comment on the Issue of Harassment and Abuse Prevention in Sport and Recreation in their Community

The article summarizes the results of a survey conducted by CPRA and the focus of the Fall 1998 Forum conducted through CPRA's MARS Task...

Does Recreation Programming for Women Begin at 55?

In 1997, in-depth interviews were conducted on eight older women to examine their leisure experiences across the lifespan. This article...

Fans Across the Country Cheer Sheldon Kennedy On...

The article describes the beginning of Sheldon Kennedy's trip across Canada for his Cross Canada Skate For Kids and the impact he has had...

Fighting Addiction

The article talks about problem drinking and incorporating active living and recreation into their treatment program. //

Forming Partnerships with an Unlikely Group

The article looks at a partnership created between a recreation professional and children who are involved with non-organized sports (ie:...

Full Contact Curling

The author of the article emphasizes that to create and realize new trends, imagination and creativity are key. He gives an example by...

Grass Skating

The article provides a few summaries on a new type of turf that incorporates all sports, being tidy, cleaning up after your dog and health...

Green is Good

The article discusses how cemeteries have evolved to become a recreational asset to communities.

Harassment and Abuse Committee

The brief article talks about the establishment of MARS and the symposium, with a keynote address by Sheldon Kennedy.

Identifying and Serving the Disenfranchised: University Programs of Leisure Studies and Disability

The article looks at leisure studies offered at various universities across Canada and how this field has a focus towards analyzing...

Illuminating Our Future (From the Journal Parks and Recreation Canada)

The article summarizes a think tank that occurred February 1998 to cover topics for the future, such as: Demographics/Social Values,...

Integrating Recreation into Health Care - A Trend for the Future

The article describes a trend that health care is beginning to change into, from the medical model to a wellness model. //

It Challenges of Amalgamation

The article looks at the integral role information technology plays when reorganization is occurring. //

Knowledge: The Most Precious Organization Resource

The article looks at the importance of knowledge within an organization and how knowledge management will assist an organization. //

Les défies de la fusion de la ville de Toronto Parcs et loisirs

Au mois d'avril 1997, la ville de Toronto a reçu la sanction royale (projet de loi 103) autorisant la fusion de sept municipalités en une...

Les loisirs correctionnels: un temps pour l'action

Les professionnels en loisirs doivent promouvoir les loisirs et la récréation. Les éducateurs doivent enseigner les loisirs. Les parents et...

Membership has its Benefits

The article reflects on the 1998 CPRA Symposium held in Penticton,BC and lists the highlights of the symposium.

Moving the Benefits Forward In Saskatchewan

The brief article reflects on the symposium for SPRA members where the introduction of benefits was presented.

New Zealand Idea

The brief article discusses their coincidence with reducing graffiti in South Taranaki Parks.

Parks and Recreation Ontario's (PRO) HIGH FIVE® program

Information on Parks and Recreation Ontario's (PRO) HIGH FIVE® program, Canada's quality standard for children's...

Parks and Recreation Staff Heroes During Manitoba's 1997 Flood

The article looks at the efforts of the City of Winnipeg's Parks and Recreation staff during the 1997 flood in Winnipeg. //

Perfectionnement professionnel

Les occasions de perfectionnement professionnel sont vastes et ont une portée considérable. Dans un contexte d'acquisition continue du...

Planning for YES

The article describes the importance of going through emergency procedures in case of a tragedy and the legal issues that follow. //

Playground Equipment Injuries: Kingston and Area

This study investigated patterns of playground equipment injury and playground equipment hazards within the region of Kingston, Frontenac...

Playground Myths and Facts

The brief article lists myths and facts about playground safety and hazards.

Playground Safety Committee

The article talks about the establishment of the Canadian Playground Safety Institute and the results of the pre-symposium that took place...

Project A.B.L.E.

The brief article looks at Project A.B.L.E. (Aging Better with a Little Exercise) and how it advocates four types of abilities related to...

Raising Money for a Safer Place to Play

The article summarizes what a committee of mothers did to raise money for a new playground in their neighbourhood.

Recreation Professional Wins Gold Medal

The article focuses on Sandra Schmirler, Olympic gold medalist and supervisor of Regina's Southeast Leisure Centre.

Resolving Claims More Effectively

The article discusses insurance claims that can arise and how to resolve them before going to court.

Review Your Sales and Local Tax Practices to Identify Potential Cost Reductions

The article describes the importance of reviewing sales and local tax to identify reductions that can be made.

Screening Does Not Equal Police Recorded Checks

The article discusses how police record checks are not enough when hiring volunteers. It introduces Phase III which is an initiative...

Sense of Satisfaction

The brief article is of Megan Semenchuk praising her father, Neil Semenchuk, of his efforts in assisting those affected by the storm.

Sheldon Kennedy Thanks CPRA

The article summarizes Sheldon Kennedy's journey of discussing his painful past and exposing the need for awareness on child abuse.

Should I Take Early Retirement?

The article analyzes early retirement, whether voluntary or forced, due to restructuring or cutting costs. It goes through a number of...

Spray Parks - Smite thing Fun!

The article presents spray parks and how the company, LA Systems, pays close attention to safety for these structures. //

Staff Training & Development

The article provides steps on preparing and designing a staff training program. //

Staff Training: Creating a Positive Experience for Clients

The article looks at the importance of staff training, not just for staff members just hired, but also to have ongoing training. //

Statistics Canada Attendance at Heritage Institutions in 1995/96

The article looks at the growth of percentage in visitation of visitors to heritage institutions, natural parks, etc.

Statistics Canada Survey on the Importance of Nature to Canadians

The article summarizes the results of a survey conveyed by Statistics Canada, researching the importance of nature to Canadians. //

Strategic Alliance Between the Saskatoon and District Health Board and the City of Saskatoon Leisure Services Department

The article looks at the strategic partnership between the health department and leisure services in Saskatoon to further enhance the...


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