Creative Ways to Show Appreciation

"Students in the field of recreation are the creativity and spirit within the Community!”  (John Butler, 1955).  To show honest, sincere appreciation makes a person feel good about themselves and shows that they have contributed to the individual or group something of value.  The traditional way of showing appreciation is the hand clap.  However, taking time to come up with a creative non-traditional way of showing appreciation shows that you really care, the appreciation is remembered longer, people are more willing to share appreciation with more people, they become creative and it is fun. 

The Recreation and Leisure Services students at Seneca College and Recreation Faculty have come up with some creative ways to show appreciation that they would love to share with you to help develop the spirit within your community.

These non-traditional ways to show appreciation can be used in a camp setting, training workshops, special events and keynote presentations.

If you have an idea of a creative way to show Appreciation, send us your suggestion at [email protected].


Seal of Approval

Stand or sit.
Participants place the backs of their hands together.
Move their hands back and forth like they are clapping their hands.
Participants make the sound of a seal “Ark! Ark! Ark!

Submitted by Alf Grigg – Course Coordinator RLS Program – Seneca College

Standing Ovation

Participants stretch their arms straight above their heads.
Interlock their fingers.
Bend their arms to form the letter “0"
Ask the group what letter of the alphabet they have formed?
They have just given themselves a standing Ovation!

Variation:  The same idea instead of from a standing position, from a sitting position.

Submitted by Alf Grigg – Course Coordinator RLS Program – Seneca College

Round of App-Paws”

Participants curl their fingers inwards to make a fist.
Clap their fists “Paws” together as they turn around in a full circle.
There you have a “Round of App-Paws”.

Submitted by Hailey Pacitto – Second year RLS Student – Seneca College


Slam Dunk

Appreciation showing achievement.

Participants open one of their hands like they are holding a basketball.
Participants raise their arms above their heads like they are going to slam dunk.
When everyone’s arms are in the air the leader says “That was a..”
Group responds “SLAM”, and “DUNK” as they jump in the air and pretend to put the imaginary ball in the hoop.

               Submitted by Kevin Bresser – Second year RLS Student –   Seneca                College

Well Done

Appreciation showing something is well done.

The action is as if someone is flipping a burger on the barbeque.
Participants extend out one arm like they are holding a barbeque utensil.
Participants pretend to scrape underneath the burger a couple of times like they are trying to pry the burger off the grill.
They flip the burger in the air for a brief moment and let the burger land gently back on the flipper utensil”.
Participants - Saying “Well Done”!

Submitted by Andrew Leo – Second year RLS Student – Seneca College


Appreciation for showing a tremendous job well done.

The participant’s  body represents the trunk of a tree.
Arms are stretched out to stimulate the branches of a tree with the fingers representing the leaves.
The leader asks the group how well they did?
The group stands stationary moving their fingers and arms like they are flowing in the wind saying loud and slowly "TREEmendious!”

Submitted by Andrew Leo – Second year RLS Student – Seneca College


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