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Resources for front line fitness programmers, supervisors and instructors.

Aquatics Evaluation Form

Forms used to assess aquatics programs and staff.

Babysitting/Childcare Services – Summary of Practices in the Greater Toronto Area

This is a summary of an informal survey of practices regarding the provision and cost of child care services at fitness facilities in the...

Child Minding Services - Facility Survey Results: Selected Municipalities in the Toronto Area

Provides a summary of an informal survey of fees, hours, ages, staffing and operational details for municipally offered childcare services...

Client Information Sheet

This is a copy of the Mississauga Recreation and Parks Client Information Sheet. It is used to gather information on an individual's...

Compilation of Policies Regarding Staff Membership in Fitness Facilities - Greater Toronto Area - 2004

A compilation of the policies of cities in the Greater Toronto Area, regarding city staff membership in fitness facilities.

Employee Fitness Programs in Action: How They Work

Designed to assist those in the preliminary stages of developing an employee fitness program an idea of: -types of programs that have been...

Fee Assistance Policy/Program Subsidy and Payment Program

Outlines the Town's policy onproviding fee assistance to low income residents, and includes a sample application form.

Fitness and Wellness Continuum

Discusses the qualities and skills required of a programmer or program coordinator, hot community fitness and wellness trends, and how to...

Fitness Group Theory Manual

This learning manual is concise and an easy to read theory manual. Approved BCRPA Theory course manual.

Fitness Industry Report Appendix B

Provides final recommendations of the advisory board to reduce the incidence of injuries in the fitness industry.

Fitness Member Customer Satisfaction Survey

This survey of customer satisfaction, and accompanying letter, was used as an example in the Branding and Benefits and Beyond the Words...

Fitness Ontario Leadership Program: Counselling

The major premise of this booklet is that from the point of view of the fitness counselor, the desired outcome of each fitness appraisal is...

Fitness Supervisor Job Description

A sample job description for a supervisor of a fitness facility.

Fitness Testing

Consumer information about fitness testing.

Job Description: Part Time Fitness Instructor

A job description, including required qualifications for a fitness instructor, part-time.

Legal Liability - Considerations for the Fitness Leader

A concise report on legal liability for fitness which includes information on waivers, informed consent, and leading court cases, as well...

Leisure Centre Fitness Rooms: 2002 Evaluation Summary Report

This project was initiated to measure customer satisfaction levels at the City of Saskatoon indoor leisure centre fitness rooms. The survey...

Municipal Fitness Centre Membership Rates

This document shows the results of an informal survey of municipalities around the Toronto area for 2002, 1999 and 1996.


Provides a four page guideline for screening prior to participation in a prenatal fitness class or other exercise. Originally presented at...

Pay Rate Comparison of Fitness Staff in Various Municipalities Near Vaughan

Provides a comparison of fitness instructor pay rates in the Vaughan, Ontario area for 2003, 2001, 2000 and 1998.

Performance Planning & Review Form: Aerobics Supervisor

This is an evaluation form which provides core competencies, key job responsibilities and an individual learning plan for an aerobics...

Performance Planning and Review Form

This is a sample staff evaluation form which includes information about an individual learning and development plan, core competencies and...

Physical Activity Readiness (PAR-Q) Questionnaires and Forms

Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaires and forms PAR-Q YOU: A one-page form to see if a participant should check with their doctor...

Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) & You

If you are planning to become more physically active than you currently are, answer the seven questions in this questionaire. If you are...

Professional's Guide to Fitness Safety

Although designed for the fitness professional, anyone, whether volunteer, staff, or management can benefit from this handbook which...

Report on Personal Training Fees in the Greater Toronto Area

Reports on rates charged for personal fitness trainer services in the Toronto area, and a proposed fee increase in the City of Vaughan.

Seniors' Fitness Rates Comparison: Greater Toronto Area

Present the results of an informal survey on membership reductions for seniors at fitness centres in the municipalities surrounding Toronto.

Sticking with Fitness: What to do About the Adherence Problem in Fitness Programs

It is not unusual to have 50% of those who join a fitness program leave it before it is finished. The primary focus of this workbook is on...

Work Site Labour Fitness: A Guide for Employee Fitness Programmers (1985)

This book provides a profile of blue-collar workers and some facts about the present state of workers' fitness and of fitness programs for...
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