Parks and Recreation Canada Volume 42 (1984) Issues 1-5


Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA)

Issue 1 Contains:

  • Contracting Parks and Recreation Services.
  • Privatization - Threatening our Quality of Life.
  • A Fast-Acting, Cost-Sharing Programme to Relieve Those Inadequate Recreation Facility Blues.
  • Resource Management: Bridging Services and Resources.

Issue 2 Contains:

  • Interface between Tourism, Recreation, Parks in Canada.
  • CANMORE: The Pleasures and the Pains of Tourism Development.
  • Revising our Working Past for Recreation and Tourism.
  • Tourism and Recreation - A Natural Partnership.

Issue 3 Contains:

  • "See? Heritage is Fun!"
  • The Museum and Archive of Games.
  • The Arts Touch Us All.
  • Where Dinosaurs Roamed.

Issue 4 Contains:

  • Rural Recreation - An Updated View.
  • Regional Recreation: An Expanding Dimension of Leisure Services.
  • Rural Recreation: A Discussion on Programme Delivery.
  • Fitness Evaluation in Rural Saskatchewan Females.

Issue 5 Contains:

  • Recreation vs. Conservation in Parks Canada: Is There an Inevitable Conflict?
  • Public Participation in The National Park Planning Process.
  • Canada's National Parks - A Profile.
  • Parks Canada and the Disabled.
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