Parks and Recreation Canada Volume 43 (1985) Issues 2-5 and Special Issue


Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA)

Issue 2 Contains:

  • Wasteland to Playland.
  • A Lake for the Making.
  • Ontario Discovers New Life for Old Pools.
  • Boardsailing, The 80's Answer to the Hula-Hoop.

Issue 3 Contains:

  • Programming - How to Reach Those on Enforced Leisure.
  • Enforced Leisure Time and the Physically Disabled.
  • Women and Recreation.
  • White Rock, British Columbia. A Community Programmed for Seniors.

Issue 4 Contains:

  • Not Just Fun and Games, Employee Fitness and Recreation.
  • Organized Employee Reaction.
  • Social Marketing - The Key to Successful Fitness and Lifestyle Services.
  • All Work and No Play Makes for Dull People.

Issue 5 Contains:

  • Quality Circles: The Participative Management Approach.
  • Grande Prairie's Pursuit of Excellence.
  • M.O.P.A.S. A Management Approach for Parks and Recreation.
  • The Hidden Costs of Volunteer Involvement.

Special Issue Contains:

  • Let's Put Some Fun Into Fitness.
  • Youth, An Important Target for Canadian Olympic Association.
  • Bridging the Youth Fitness Gap with the Canada Fitness Survey.
  • Scouts Canada, "A Matter of Focus".
  • YMCA Youth Programs.
  • Youth and Computers in Regina's Recreation Centres.
  • The New Westminster Police Summer Soccer School.
  • Teen Independence Programme.
  • Guiding in Canada. 75 Years of Fun and Challenge.
  • Volunteering Offers Teens "A Great Way to Grow".
  • Bermuda National Centre for Youth and Sport.
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