Parks and Recreation Canada Volume 44 (1986) Issues 1-5


Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA)

Issue 1 Contains:

  • Organizations in Transition
  • Leisure Participation - Present and Future
  • One City Looks at Trends. The Future of Park/Recreation Services in the City of Calgary
  • Creating Destiny. Strategic Planning in the Park and Recreation Movement.

Issue 2 Contains:

  • Calgary 1988: Olympic Facility Report
  • Drinking Practices and Some Implications to Managing Alcohol in Municipal Recreational Facilities and Parks
  • The City of Nepean: Energy Management for the Eighties
  • Effective Preventive Maintenance: The "Systems" Approach

Issue 3 Contains:

  • Developing Multicultural Programs
  • Halifax Celebrates Culture in '86.
  • Involving Ethnic Older Adults in Community Recreation Programs.
  • Cross-Cultural Education Through Recreational Services

Issue 4 Contains:

  • A Successful Research to Referendum Trail-Revisited
  • Cooperative Education in Recreation and Leisure Studies: A Model
  • The Niagara Falls Initiative: Your Child in Sport
  • Accreditation of Recreation and Park Curricula in Canada: Should it be Happening Now?

Issue 5 Contains:

  • Community Developent and Municipal Recreation
  • The Organization Development Program - A Saskatchewan Success Story
  • Privatizing Responsibility For Parks and Recreation
  • Community Development, Planning and Finance: The Ongoing Conundrum
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