Parks and Recreation Canada Volume 46 (1988) Issues 1-5


Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA)

Issue 1 Contains:

  • Legal Considerations in Recreation Administration
  • Risk Management. A Rationale and Explanation
  • Legal Liability in Recreation
  • The Recreation Professional and the Multi-disciplinary Team Approach to Helping

Issue 2 Contains:

  • Municipal Arts Policies - The Proof of the Policy Pudding is in the Eating
  • Municipal Support for the Arts in Canada
  • Mulgrave Road Co-op: A Community Theatre
  • The Canadian Ballad of A Boneless Chicken

Issue 3 Contains:

  • Beyond the Horizon: The Future of Leisure
  • Customer Service - Much More Than Training
  • The Lament of the Working Mother
  • Prevailing Winds and Bending Mandates

Issue 4 Contains:

  • Allocation Issues and Policies For Public Recreation Facilities: The Case of Municipal Arenas
  • Regina Creates a Space With a Difference
  • The Design of Gymnasia Floors
  • Playground Safety: Not Always Child's Play

Issue 5 Contains:

  • Potential Role of Libraries in An Expanding Urban Recreation Opportunity System
  • The Economic Impart of the Arts
  • What's New? A Pot-Pourri of Innovative Program Ideas P. 18-47
  • Fitness and Leisure Trails - A Time for Change!
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