Global Therapeutic Recreation Conference 1990

England, Gerald L. Hizhusen

© Curators of University of Missouri 1990


Introduction & Foreward
Gerald L. Hitzhusen & Joan Taylor

Project LIFE: Exploring the Leisure Potential of Mentally III Persons in Missouri 
Project  LIFE Staff

Therapeutic Recreation for Handicapped Youth Offenders: A Multimodal Approach
Wayne W. Munson

Therapeutic Recreation Programs in a Physical Rehabilitation Setting .
Alistair Young, Abu Yilla

Thirty-Seven Years of Community Recreation for Persons with Disabilities
Janet Pomeroy

Therapeutic Recreation - toward Participation in Ordinary Leisure and Recreation
Sue Chilton

People First through Sport
Carole Bradley, Rosemary Leach, Abu Yilla

Every Body Active
Alan Dunlop

Involving People with Disabilities in Countryside Recreation .
Ian Newman, P. Chambers

Wilderness Access for Disabled Persons
Karen Hirl

Personal Development through Challenge
David B. Owens

Arts and Disability Movement .
Ann Peaker

East Midlands Shape: Re-writing the Script
Francois Matarasso

"The Old Stagers" - Reminiscence Drama Project
Tim Harris

Images of Hope: Arts and Disabilities in the United States Jan Parenteau

Community and Village Entertainment: The CAVE
An examination of the relationship between social intervention and black culture
Hermin Mclntosh

Therapeutic Recreation for the Frail Elderly: A New Approach
Linda L. Buettner, Brigid Kernan, Gunhild Carroll

An Innovative Solution: The Alzheimer Respite Center at the Parker Jewish Geriatric Center
Rose Marie Borg, Edith Shapiro

Dynamic Environments for Persons with Developmental Disability
Paula Wanzer, Nancy A. Sadowy

Children's Play Center as a Measure toward Preventing Future Emotional Problems
Elleni Lapatzi

An Examination of Relationships between Leisure and Recidivism among Psychiatric Patients
Marcia D. Smith, Seppo E. Iso-Ahola

Disability Express Steve Illum
Gary Thompson


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