Global Therapeutic Recreation 2 - 1992

Puerto Rico, Gerald L. Hitzhusen and Letita T. Jackson

© Curators of University of Missouri 1992

Introduction & Introduction 
Gerald L. Hitzhusen


Problem Identification and Protocol Usage in Therapeutic Recreation.
Daniel D. Ferguson


Assessment Protocol in Therapeutic Recreation
Roy H. Olsson, Jr.


Therapeutic Recreation in the U.K. (TRUK): Integrating T.R. and Traditional Practices
David Williams


Therapeutic Recreation, The Arts and Adult Education
David J. Jones


The Americans With Disabilities Act
Gary Robb


A Vision of Integrated Leisure and Recreation
Cynthia Kay Burkhour


Integrating Physical Education and Recreation for Severely Disabled Students:
A Puertorrican Working Model
Regina Y. Pérez María Y. Canabal


Chester Sports Association for the Disabled: College-Community Integration
Dr. Lesley E. Cooke


SARA: Adapted Recreation Model for Puerto Rico
Manuel San Miguel Shelly Ann Dolsen


Signs for Outdoor Education: Communicating With Deaf and Hearing Impaired
Miguel A. Albarrán


Therapeutic Recreation: State of the Art in Australia - Personal and Professional
David C. Powell


The State of Therapeutic Recreation in German Speaking Switzerland
Julie Lammel Jeff Emmerichs


Effects of a Leisure Education Program On Adults with Traumatic Brain Injury
Dean A. Zoerink Kay Lauener


Ecological Therapeutic Recreation For The Treatment of Youth Offenders
Wayne M. Munson


An Opportunity For Leadership: Expanding the Role of Therapeutic Recreation In Dementia Programs
Rene P. Katsinas Rita Nacken Gugel


The Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center An Activity Therapy Treatment Model
David Y. Chen Rudolph Thomas George Williams


Teubert Prep - Living and Learning, Side By Side
Ronald L. Crosbie


The Measurement of Daily Experience in Special Populations
Carlos I. Ramos David M. Compton


Training of Home Health Care Givers in Recreation
Lorraine C. Peniston


Play to Nurture the Child Within
Nancy McFarlane


Chinese Qigong as a Therapy Modality
Annette Logan


KIAL Center Workshops - Uncovering the Lost Self: Creativity & Therapeutic Recreation
Jan Parenteau

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