Global Therapeutic Recreation V - 1998


 Gerald L. Hitzhusen and Letita Thomas

© Curators of University of Missouri 1998

Table of Contents and Introduction
Keynote Address - Recreation: A cure for the 21st Century
Maria David-Evans
Re-Design of Therapeutic Programs at CPL
Lisette Lane, Karen Pannu, Mary-Lou Mudie-Duncan,
Lorraine Zadery
A Research Approach to the Redesign of a TR Assessment Process
Adrienne Gilbert, Bryan Smale, Leeann Ferries
Laurene Rehman
TR Service: Contrasting the Linear Path of Work With the Spiral Path of Leisure
Jesse T. Dixon
Marketing the Role of Recreation Therapists Amongst Interdisciplinary Team Members
Carol Edward
How Does Therapeutic Recreation Apply in the Treatment of Addictions
Shelagh Keesmaat
Developing Recreation Skills in Individuals With Learning Disabilities
Lorraine C. Peniston
Community Therapeutic Recreation Service
Jill Kelland
Alzheimer's Disease and Children
Linda L. Buettner, Amber M. Buettner
Preventing Falls in Long-Term Care: A Model Recreation Therapy Program
Linda L. Buettner, Janet Waitkavicz
Community Re-Entry: An Assessment and Decision Making Guide
Dianne L. Bowtell
Therapy Bytes: Innovative Therapy
Nord Mensah
Tammy Day
Self Confidence - A Clinical Construct
Eugene Ulmer
Volunteering - A Part of the Treatment Continuum
Cathy Fagnan, Susan Scott
My Grandfather Has Alzheimer's and I Can't Fix Him
Shannon K. Siddall
Barriers to Active Living: Musculoskeletal Injury and Recreation Therapy
Wendy Rae Chabi, John Marshall
Retirement Experiences For Athletes With A Disability: Implications for Therapeutic Recreation
David Legg, Garry Wheeler
Therapists as Teachers: Improving Your Skills
Deborah Provencher
Wheelchair Sport as Social Interaction
Brenda Spyer
Establishing Pet Visitation Programs
Paul W. Gallant
Masters' Programs in Therapeutic Recreation in the United States
David Austin, Glenn Kastrinos, Ken Stumpt
Making American Zoos and Aquariums Accessible
Paul W. Gallant

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