Google Search Tips

The most frequent problem in Google searching is that you retrieve too many results, and many of them are not relevant  because the search engine has picked up either one or the other of the terms you entered.

Here are some ways to make your search more accurate:

  • Use quotations around the terms, so they will be found as a phrase in the text "search term"
  • Limit the search to one web site by entering  the search terms followed by site:
    facilities "life cycle" 
  • Exclude a word from the search by using a minus sign immediately before the term (no space) -term
  • Find a word with a specific spelling or ending, by using the plus sign before the term (no space)  +term
  • Limit the search to a file type (pdf, ppt, doc, jpg) by entering filetype: after the search term
    facilities filetype:pdf

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