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LIN has been delivering outstanding online services to over 6,000 professionals and volunteers in the leisure services and lifestyle sector since 1995. It has actively sought to continually expand the National Recreation Data  Base with studies, policies, research findings, presentations and other forms of information that contribute to the advancement of the sector – and to post secondary students preparing to serve in it.  

It was a natural transition in 2010 when LIN moved from being a stand-alone non-profit organization to coming under the stewardship of the Alberta Recreation and Parks Association and its partners in the Canadian recreation and parks sector. The involvement of LIN at the recent National Recreation Summit was just another example of the key role it can play in information gathering and dissemination for the sector.

The original name of LIN was the Leisure Information Network. While it was broadened to the Lifestyle Information Network several years ago, it is now fitting that it returns to its first name. This doesn’t mean that LIN has narrowed its scope in information gathering, it rather emphasizes the broad scope and meaning of leisure and its contributions to individuals and communities.

Don Hunter, Chair of LIN 2008-2010