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I was very pleased to hear the decision by LIN to change the name back to the original title of Leisure Information Network. A trend that I have witnessed in recent years within the field is a move away from association with the word leisure perhaps owing to a connection with idleness or non-productivity. So when did the pursuit of that wonderful state of mind known as leisure that is characterized but relative freedom and intrinsic motivation become a bad thing? Similarly I question our enthusiasm in becoming so closely allied with national health agenda. In doing so, something wonderful has been lost and that is the pursuit of experiences for their own sake. If we as a field turn away from championing the pursuit of leisure, who will assume that noble cause. If we no longer are concerned with providing individuals with the values, knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will motivate them to seek leisure in their lives, then quality of life will be greatly diminished for the current and future generations. Without having that leisure state of mind as a goal, than it perhaps matters little what ways people fill their free time or what forms of recreation they pursue. That may make our work easier, but certainly no longer essential. I for one stand up and applaud the return of the LEISURE Information Network.

Brenda Robertson

School of Recreation Management and Kinesiology

Acadia University

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