Risk and liability

Liability and Waivers

Injury liability and protection of privacy are hot issues. We have assembled some policies, waivers, and background information on the topic to help you address this important issue in your own organization.

After School Program Registration Form

Participant, Parent, Medical, and Emergency Contact Person information, and Release and Permission Agreement / Nom du participant,...

After School Program Registration Form: Sample

Sections include information on Participant, Parent/Guardian, Adult Emergency and Authorized Pick-up Consent, School, School Pick-Up and...

Attendance and Release of Children Guideline

Outlines the Town's policy on releasing children from programs.

City of Calgary Recreation and Parks Program Forms and Waivers

Waiver forms for various recreational activities for children, youth, and adults, including for adapted fitness.

Fitness Membership Application/Renewal - Includes PAR-Q form

This membership application form includes a waiver form and the CSEP PAR-Q form.

Guide for Successful Groups

The City of Red Deer and Red Deer & District Community Foundation have jointly sponsored the development of The Guide for Successful...

Municipal Alcohol Policy: A practical resource for successfully managing drinking in recreational settings

Each section of the Guide is designed to address a municipality's particular needs, whether you want to: develop a Municipal Alcohol...

Participant Profile Form

This form collects medical information, as well as details on authorization for release of participants from the program, and emergency...

Physical Activity Readiness (PAR-Q) Questionnaires and Forms

Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaires and forms PAR-Q YOU: A one-page form to see if a participant should check with their doctor...

Preschool, Child and and Youth Emergency Medical / Information form

This form provides medical and emergency information as well as pickup authorization for preschool, child, and youth programs. Follow the...

Record for Emergency Use

Health, contact, and other details for the child, and Parental Permission for Emergency Medical Treatment form. English and French....

Recreation Centre Consent Agreement

This form collects personal information and outlines the rules, risks and liability.

Recreation Centre Waiver Form: Adult recreation hockey

A waiver and informed consent form for participants in adult recreational hockey.

Recreation Program Guidelines, Consent, Waiver and Emergency Release (Texas)

A sample waiver form from Northwest Recreation Center After School Program in Irving, Texas. Includes a checklist of guidelines and...

Recreational Activity Waiver Forms / Photo, Video Release forms

Follow the links for recreation activity/program waivers for adults and children and youth, as well as release forms for photos and videos.

Release Form for Photographs for Promotional or Publicity Purpose

This is a standard release form for use of photographs for promotional or publicity purposes.

Release Form for Photographs of Children

A standard release form used by the City of Richmond Hill concerning use photographs of children for promotional or publicity purposes.

Release of Liability

A general waiver form for all types of recreational activities.

Sample Youth Volunteer Application and Waiver (Marine Mammal Center, California)

Application form for job shadow, volunteer, or internship. Includes acknowledgement of risk, photo and work release forms.

Skateboard Parks: Insurance and Liability

This article discusses risks and risk management, injury rates, negligence, and due diligence.

Sports Activity Agreement & Special Occasion Permit Holder Agreement

These two forms, meant for use with the Municipal Alcohol Policy, acknowledge understanding of, and agreement with the policy and the...

Summer Camp Program Registration Form: Sample

Sections include information on Camper, Parent/Guardian, Adult Emergency and Authorized Pick-up Consent, Fees, Registration details, ...

Summer Registration Form

Includes a waiver form for liability and use of photos.

Waiver and Release of Liability and Agreement to Participate

A waiver form for skateboarding, roller-blading, roller-skating, specialty bicycle and associated activities.

Waivers: A How-To Guide

The purpose of this guide is to provide information on waiver agreements so that sport and recreation organizations can make more informed...
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