Moving Actively Through Atlantic Canada


Active Transportation

     Moving Actively Through Atlantic Canada

The Transformation of Transportation
A Conference Promoting Active Transportation
Moncton, 2004



 The purpose of this gathering is to bring together a broad range of individuals from across Atlantic Canada who have a personal and/or professional interest in moving people actively in, around and between their communities


 Active transportation provides a myriad of health, environmental, social, and economic benefits! When you leave the car at home and opt instead to walk or cycle to your destination, it's an easy way to integrate physical activity into your daily routine. Regular physical activity promotes healthy weight and reduces the risk of type II diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. By choosing active transportation, you'll burn calories, save money, and have fun! You will also contribute to safer and calmer neighborhoods, less traffic congestion, and a reduced need for costly infrastructure such as roads and parking. The environment wins, too, since cars emit pollutants that cause urban smog and climate change. Active transportation is the smart choice for our health and our environment!

Welcome Messages

The Scope of Active Transportation

Active Transportation: the art of using human power as a means of transportation for utilitarian and/or recreational purposes, and includes: walking, running, cycling, skateboarding, in-line skating, scootering, wheel chairing in the more urban/near urban settings, and cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, backpacking, llama packing, etc. in more remote trail settings and utilizes a continuum of infrastructure: roadways, sidewalks, bike lanes, road rights-of-way, abandoned roads and rail lines, logging roads, trails to wilderness.

Did you know?
Active Transportation (walking and cycling) can help to reduce the number of daily vehicle trips and thereby reduce the amount of emissions into the atmosphere.


Partners - City of Moncton - NS Office of Health Promotion, Sport and Recreation Division - NB Culture and Sport Secretariat - NL Department of Tourism, Culture and Recreation - PEI Department of Community and Cultural Affairs - Go for Green - Health Canada - Transport Canada - Heartwood - Collaborative Planning and Design Inc. - Peter Klynstra

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