Connecting People with Nature

Research from the Benefits Hub

  • Health Benefits from Nature Experiences Depend on Dose 
    2016 | Australia
    • Up to 7% of depression cases and 9% of high blood pressure cases could be prevented if all city residents were to visit green spaces at least once a week for an average duration of 30 minutes or more
  • Living in Cities, Naturally
    2016 | USA
    • Cities designed well, with nature in mind and at hand, can be understood as natural, supportive of both ecosystem integrity and public health.
  • Nature is There and it’s Free 
    2015 | Canada
    • Activities in the natural environment serve as a protective factor in the health and well-being of immigrant families, providing emotional and physical nourishment in the face of adversity.

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Resources from the National Recreation Database

  • Parks for All: Canadian Parks Summit
    Canadian Parks Counci | 2016

    For the first time ever, national, provincial and local parks managers, academics and non-profit organizations gathered in one place to compare notes on the simple goal of getting more Canadians to visit parks at the Canadian Parks Summit in Canmore, AB.

  • Communities in Bloom Feature Collection
    Communities in Bloom 

    Documents and Profile books collected annually. Communities in Bloom promotes involvement and action by citizens of all ages, the municipal government, local organizations and businesses.

  • Connecting Children to Nature: Easier said than done?
    International Play Association (Canada) | 2013

    Much has been written about children’s disconnect to nature and the implications for the child, society and the environment moving forward. Designed natural learning (and play) sites on school grounds and community parks is one of the solutions currently in vogue. This presentation explores key dimensions that need to be vetted if expected environmental literacies are to be achieved through this type of initiative. 

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