Supportive Environments

Research from the Benefits Hub

  • Student Outcomes and Natural Schooling
    2016 | England
    • Outdoor learning has a positive impact on children's behaviour, social skills, health and wellbeing, resilience, confidence and sense of place.
  • Refuges of Local Resilience: Community Gardens
    2015 - USA
    • In the wake of Hurricane Sandy community gardens functioned as multi-purpose community refuges which hosted meaningful and restorative greening practices, and developed supportivecommunities. 

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Resources from the National Recreation Database

  • Designed to Move: Active Cities
    Designed to Move | 2015
    A report "to provide a blueprint for creating active cities, whatever their size and wherever in the world they may be." The research is clear on this. Cities that make physical activity a priority, convert existing spaces into active spaces, and design environments for people to be active will create a legacy for physical activity.

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