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Provincial Parks Set New Visitation Record in 2015

Added on Nov 26, 2015

Saskatchewan’s provincial parks and recreation sites hit a new attendance record of nearly 3.9 million visits in 2015.  This is an increase of nearly 125,000 visits over the previous record, which was set in 2013, and is an increase of more than 860,000 visits since 2007.

Strong visitation can be attributed in part to the province continuing to provide excellent visitor services and the enhanced capital infrastructure investment.

Government of Saskatchewan News Release

Rowans Law: Ontario introduces new concussion rules for youth sport

Added on Nov 25, 2015

Ontario is set to introduce the first concussion legislation in Canada, largely based on international concussion guidelines, for young athletes in the wake of the death of 17-year-old Rowan Stringer, who died days after being knocked unconscious during a rugby game. The Act will provide education on sport-related concussions to athletes, coaches and parents. It also aims to: outline framework for when to remove an athlete from playing higher-risk sports if a concussion is suspected, ensure athletes don't return to play until they're medically cleared to do so, and ensure appropriate return-to-learn and return-to-play strategies.

CBC News

Outdoor skaters could soon have safer ice time on Grenadier Pond, Toronto

Added on Nov 25, 2015

Toronto's Parks and Environment Committee recently voted unanimously in favour of a $50,000 eight-week ice monitoring program on a designated area of the pond starting next winter. Two options were considered: the one chosen included ensuring the ice thickness and density is safe, creating new signs to let skaters know when the ice is safe to use, and designating areas for entering the pond and use of it without affecting the environmentally sensitive areas of the pond.


Parks and nature play important role at end of life: survey

Added on Nov 23, 2015

Twenty Alberta communities recognized as wellness champions

Added on Nov 23, 2015

Twenty Alberta communities and individuals have been recognized as wellness champions by making the province a healthier place to live, through active living, healthy eating and overall community wellness. Check out the honourees recognized by the Communities ChooseWell program. 

Alberta Recreation And Parks Association Release

Turning Milwaukee’s vacant lots into ‘pocket parks:’ “Filling that spot with something positive”

Added on Nov 23, 2015

Milwaukee city officials want to put more of the nearly 3,000 vacant lots throughout the city to use, and lift up surrounding neighborhoods in the process. Tim McCollow is the manager of a relatively new program called HOME GR/OWN. The program's goal is to turn empty lots into pocket parks and orchards.

"By filling that spot with something positive and green and healthy, you want to basically change the perception of the neighborhood," says McCollow.

Jenna Sachs,

Two Canadian geological attractions named UNESCO Global Geoparks

Added on Nov 23, 2015

A network of 120 geological attractions around the world, including two in Canada, Stonehammer in southern New Brunswick and Tumbler Ridge in northeastern British Colombia, have been rebranded as UNESCO Global Geoparks. Activities offered in Stonehammer include hiking, rock climbing, geocaching, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and kayaking, and in Tumbler Ridge, driving tours, alpine hikes and visits to paleontological and archaeological sites.

Canadian Press

Saskatchewan Government Keeps $10 Million Commitment in Provincial Parks

Added on Nov 20, 2015

The Government of Saskatchewan is pleased to announce that it has achieved its commitment of investing an additional $10 million over four years into the provincial park system. The total investment in capital projects and capital maintenance over the past four years is more than $53 million.

Since 2012, the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport has undertaken more than 140 capital projects within the provincial park system, including: Water and wastewater system upgrades; Campsite electrical expansion and upgrade work; Park roads and trail systems; Upgrades to other park facilities; and more.

Government of Saskatchewan news release

Presentations from the 2015 SPRA Conference and AGM available

Added on Nov 20, 2015

Presentations from several of the speakers at the 2015 Conference and AGM in Yorkton are now available on the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association website for download. 

How 'Parks Without Borders' Aims to Make New York Parks Safer

Added on Nov 20, 2015

NYC Parks, which is responsible for more than 5,000 individual properties comprising some 29,000 acres of land, has launched Parks Without Borders, a new program focusing on the corners, borders, and other underused spaces within (and around) New York parks. Using design and landscaping strategies—and by subtracting as much as they’re adding—park designers mean to edit and revise a number of parks to better meet their neighborhoods. Where designers are mitigating park security features, such as park fences, they’re for the most part lowering them—not eliminating them. This approach in fact improves park security, according to Parks and Recreation Commissioner Mitchell Silver, who says that NYC Parks has worked with the New York Police Department on developing its strategies.

Kriston Capps, CityLab