NIH-funded team uses smartphone data in global study of physical activity

Thursday, July 13, 2017

National Institutes of Health-funded researchers at Stanford University have tracked physical activity by population for more than 100 countries. Their research follows on a recent estimate that more than 5 million people die each year from causes associated with inactivity. In addition to the step records, the researchers accessed age, gender, and height and weight status of users who registered the smartphone app. They used the same calculation that economists use for income inequality — called the Gini index — to calculate activity inequality by country.

“These results reveal how much of a population is activity-rich, and how much of a population is activity-poor,” said researcher Scott L. Delp,. “In regions with high activity inequality there are many people who are activity poor, and activity inequality is a strong predictor of health outcomes.”

National Institutes of Health News Release

Link to Study Abstract

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