PRO Conference Papers 2003

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Parks and Recreation Ontario
Annual Education Forum
Niagara Falls, 2003 


Development and Nurturing of Youth Councils

Using a case study, this presentation discusses creative ways to attract teens, how to create a fun environment while meeting a political...

Family Volunteering / Volunteer Management: Resources from Volunteer Canada

The Family Volunteer section offers tools, research, fact sheets, and more for families and organizations. Tools include: Building...

Recreational Trails as Tourism Asset

The purpose of the session was to explore the purpose, operational factors and supporting organizational structure of recreational trails....

Seeking the Possibilities for Community

This presentation is a discussion of the importance of building a sense of community both in the workplace, and where you live....

Sport Tourism: Economic Driver, Community Sport Development Opportunity

This presentation, from the 2003 Parks and Recreation Ontario Annual Education Forum, discusses the impacts and opportunities of hosting...
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