Aboriginal Coaching Manual - revised in 2017


Aboriginal Sports Circle - National

The ACM is a professional development training tool for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal coaches who coach Aboriginal athletes, as they become certified through the NCCP. The material in the ACM has been developed to meet the following learning objectives:

  • Understanding the role of sport in Aboriginal communities; 
  • Understanding and positively influencing the community in which you coach;
  • Coaching the whole person; coaching beyond the physical to include the mental (intellectual and emotional), spiritual and cultural;
  • Responding to racism in sport;
  • Establishing a code of behaviour for your team that respects differences and addresses racism;
  • Helping those you coach make healthy lifestlye choices.

The long term objectives in delivering the ACM material include:

  • Make the wisdom of Aboriginal culture available to both Aboriginal and mainstream sport;
  • Increasing awareness of and support for the ACM among Aboriginal communities and the mainstream sport community in Canada;
  • Allowing coaches and communities the opportunity to embrace culturally sensitive practices so they can better meet the diverse needs of Aboriginal athletes in Canada;
  • Having coaches at all levels of sport utilize the material from the ACM in their day-to-day interaction with Aboriginal athletes; 
  • Creating opportunities for positive dialogue between administrators, facilitators, coaches, and athletes about how the ACM should evolve to meet the constantly changing needs of young Aboriginal athletes;
  • Increase the number of NCCP certified Aboriginal coaches. 

Module 1: Holistic Approach to Coaching 

Module 2: Dealing with Racism in Sport

Module 3: Individual and Community Health and Wellness

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