Aboriginal Long-Term Participant Development Pathway / Aboriginal Communities: Active for Life


Two resources from Sport for Life.

The  Long-Term Participant Development document presents a roadmap for developing sport and physical activity among Aboriginal peoples. The Aboriginal Long-Term Participant Development Pathway is a reference for those who work with Aboriginal participants in sport and recreation. It has grown out of the understanding that mainstream models for sport development do not necessarily align with Aboriginal needs or experiences. As such, this document tries to address that gap by outlining the key elements that need to be considered when planning, developing, and implementing programs for and with Aboriginal peoples and Aboriginal communities.

The Active for Life document is a culturally tailored resource that has been developed by Sport for Life Society and the Aboriginal Sport Circle, with input from many Aboriginal sport and physical activity leaders across the country. It is designed for Aboriginal community members, such as parents, Elders, educators, recreation leaders and coaches, who value being active as a vehicle to the holistic development and well-being of both the individual and the community. The resource and accompanying full-day workshop supports these individual champions as they seek to develop quality sport and physical activity programs and build collaborative relationships across community members in a journey towards building an active, healthy, and engaged community