Aboriginal Ways Tried and True: good public health practices in Aboriginal communities


Public Health Agency of Canada

Ways Tried and True (WTT) refers to public health interventions that have been developed with or by Aboriginal communities and have demonstrated a positive effect on target groups. These interventions have undergone a rigorous, culturally-relevant assessment process based on the following six criteria: basis in the community, wholistic approach, integration of Indigenous cultural knowledge, building on community strengths and needs, partnership/collaboration and demonstrated effectiveness. Accepted standards of evidence include both Aboriginal and academic research approaches.

Purpose: The Portal offers an opportunity to share learnings about interventions that worked for some by detailing the process and context factors that made them successful. Interventions are intended to inspire and support public health practitioners, program developers, evaluators, and others by sharing information on programs and processes that have worked in Aboriginal contexts. Given the great diversity of Aboriginal communities, peoples and cultures, it is not expected that any one intervention will work for all communities.

Sub-Topics include

  • Injury Prevention
  • Strong Healthy Bodies
  • Mental Wellness
  • Maternal and Child Health

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