Action for Inclusion: A Resource Kit for Community Conversations


Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition

This resource kit was developed for the "Kitchen Table Conversations: Action for Inclusion" project, led by the Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition (OHCC), in partnership with the Ontario Network of Employment Skills Training Programs (ONESTEP). Its purpose is to help individuals and members of community organizations as they strive to create inclusive communities. The emphasis is on practical, tangible and focused strategies that can be implemented quickly and effectively. It will help readers understand the barriers to inclusion faced by many people, how our words and actions may affect others, and how our organizations and social systems may be structured in ways that have negative impacts.

It is also intended to increase the level of comfort readers have with addressing diversity and inclusion issues. It has been designed with the expectation that readers will refer to different sections at different times to provide practical assistance with specific initiatives and activities. It consists of six sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding Diversity
  3. Understanding Inclusion
  4. Dimensions of Diversity
  5. Tools for Inclusion
  6. Additional Resources

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