André Bouchard: Active Transportation and Active Living video clips

Andre Bouchard

These videos from André Bouchard collection over the last few years feature themes of active transportation and active living from South Shore Active Communities in Nova Scotia. The videos are:

  1. What Does Active Transportation look like in Nova Scotia? (4:13 min)
  2. Walking School Bus: The Ardmore Arrow (1:49 min)
  3. UNSM Active Transportation Framework for Action - steps municipalities can take to improve walking and cycling opportunities (12:44 min)
  4. Everyone Wins - benefits of youth engagement (9:02 min)
  5. Annapolis County Tent Dwellers Canoe Experience (23:30 min)
  6. Hippocampe at Scotts Sept 2011 (2:46)
  7. Green Gym Movie (0:57)
  8. Humans vs. Zombies: Lordly Park - game (1:03)

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