Attending to the Personal in Recreation Programming: ...recreation workers’ lives in relation to Indigenous peoples in community and garden places.

Michael Dubnewick

Summary: Recreation program frameworks have typically focused on prescribed outcomes, activity, and the subsequent evaluation, and these commonplaces to programming are particularly prevalent when discussing programs for marginalized peoples and communities. ...There is a growing appreciation for the critical need to listen and learn from Indigenous peoples to reform recreation programming initiatives. To reform recreation programming it is also necessary to engage recreation practitioners in their understandings of facilitating programs for inner city Indigenous peoples.

The will-to-serve others, especially those on the margins, often obscures critical self-reflection of our practice by assuming that inclusion is inherent when we provide programs for disenfranchised people. If we are to ensure continued inclusion and access for Indigenous peoples with respect to holistic perspectives, as outlined in the Framework for Recreation in Canada (2015), then we must examine the critical role recreation practitioners have in supporting programming that is accessible and inclusive.

Student Abstract presented at the 2016 Alberta Recreation and Parks Association Annual Conference and Energize Workshop

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